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  • 1 in 5 girls (20%), and 1 in 10 boys (10%) are sexually abused or assaulted before age 18.

  • 18% of children are physically injured due to discipline before they turn 18.

  • 10% of children are bullied on a regular basis.

  • Sexual abuse/assault and physical abuse occur in every culture and neighborhood - although many people believe “it can’t happen to their family.”

Child Abuse Prevention Education (CAPE) Initiatives provide research-centric educational content designed to significantly reduce incidences of child victim interpersonal violence through prevention and increased reporting.


The Charleston Initiative

We wish to create a world where every school system has the right tools to ensure every child is protected, healthy, happy and loved.   Our mission is to provide comprehensive, affordable child abuse prevention pre-packaged programs 
for school ecosystems offered in Charleston, S.C. and shared worldwide.  Our emphasis is on testing results that meet the principles of scientific integrity.  We work to define what is the best portfolio of program(s) to maximize awareness, trust, and positive behavioral change.

Board Members

Luther Reynolds, Charleston, S.C. City Police Chief 

Hank Cheves, Recent Chairman of the Board of Porter-Gaud

Alyssa Rheingold, PhD. MUSC

Darrell Morris, Charleston County DSS Interim Director

Debbie Herring-Lash,  Charleston Asst. Solicitor 

Carole Campbell Swiecicki, Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center
Stafford Green, CAPE Chair

The Innovation Initiative

Leverage child advocacy research, leading-edge technology, music, and story-telling innovations to build impactful Child Abuse Prevention Education (CAPE) Programs. 




Stafford Green, MagikLab Creative

Advisory Team

Denzyl Feigelson, Apple Computer (Music)

Josh Grier, Chief Operating Officer, Ember Lab  (Gaming)

Mia Hellman, Student,  Porter-Gaud School

Mark H. Moreland, VP, The Coca-Cola Company, (Strategy)

Liv Bishop, Liv Bishop Designs  (Designer)

Christopher Travers, Entrepreneur, Atlanta Ventures (Web)


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