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The Child Abuse Prevention Education Labs  (capeLABS) is to reduce all forms of child abuse, including sexual abuse, by creating and distributing educational, positive and innovative content and materials.   

capeLABS was founded by Stafford Green in March 2000 in order to:

1. Dramatically speed spreading of critical prevention information out to kids and guardians

2. Leverage marketing and technology innovation used by consumer facing brands and startups 

3. Motivate with positivity versus fear

4. Connect better by connecting research, kids, parents, and business experts in early content development to create better more impactful products

5. Make content free - or close to free - especially for organizations that have funding issues.


Our innovation lab focuses on high-impact, short, key messages to prevent abuse.  Our current KNOWYOURTHREE program content is free to any school or organization.

KNOWMYTHREE is built within the Porter-Gaud student community service for developing, producing, and distributing promotional materials.  

KNOWMYTHREE is an education initiative driven by certified child experts and the Porter-Gaud (PG) School family of students, alumni, teachers, and administrators.  Our overall mission is to reduce all forms of child abuse, including sexual abuse, by creating and distributing positive, innovative content and materials.   

The Child Abuse Prevention Education (CAPE) Initiative Fund's KnowMyThree  service develops, produces, and distributes educational materials.   Content is owned by Porter-Gaud School, but is free to copy and use under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.   We have zero administrative cost as we are all volunteers within the Porter-Gaud School Foundation and Porter-Gaud Community Service Program.  Funding is sourced from the school and donations.

Co-Founders of KNOWMYTHREE Program

Mia Helman, Porter-Gaud Class of 2022

Stafford Green, Porter-Gaud Class of 1983

KNOWMYTHREE Key Team Members

DuBose Egleston, Porter-Gaud Head of School

Amy Flynn, Porter-Gaud Science Teacher

Jen Lorenz, Porter-Gaud Director of Strategic Communications

Kathryn Sherrod, Porter-Gaud Director of Annual and Major Giving

Craig Stewart, Ex. Director of the Porter-Gaud Foundation

Dr. Carole Swiecicki Ph.D. , Psychologist and Trauma Expert

Founder of CAPELABS

Stafford Green, Porter-Gaud alum 1983

CAPELABS Advisory Team

Denzyl Feigelson, Apple Computer (Music)

Josh Grier, Chief Operating Officer, Ember Lab  (Gaming)

Mark H. Moreland, VP, The Coca-Cola Company, (Strategy)

Liv Bishop, Liv Bishop Designs  (Designer)Mia Helman, Student

Dr. Carole Swiecicki Ph.D. , Psychologist and Trauma Expert

Christopher Travers, Entrepreneur, Atlanta Ventures (Web)


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